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Sifu Daniele IudiceDANIELE IUDICE born in Milan in 1965. As early age of six, inspired by the family passion of boxing, he begins to take contact to such discipline that will mark for a few years the base from which to approach the other arts which will turn his curiosity. In 1973, a television report on the death of Lee Siao Loong, aka Bruce Lee, ignites in Iudice the spark that will spur him to approach the Chinese martial arts. In the Turin's horizon of that period the established reality of teaching these disciplines were non-existent.

Iudice starts towards the end of 1973 to practice Shotokan Karate with Sensei Franco Stizzoli, Fifth Dan in Karate, student of Master Hiroshi Shirai. At age 13, he goes to practice Kung Fu with a research phase, during which, in particular, deepens the Wing Chun under Sifu Steve Faber of the lineage Lee Moy Shan. This experience will begin to form the basis for the continuation of his personal journey.

It is December of 1979 when he begins to practice under the guidance of Sifu Vincenzo Palazzo in Caltagirone in the Hung Gar system. Daniele Iudice goes regularly in Sicily until Sifu Palazzo authorize him in 1982 to open his own school in Turin. He opens a course in via Morgari that soon became a reference point for the technical exchange between martial artists of Turin. Daniele Iudice continuing his studies and teaches courses and seminars in different gyms of Turin.

In 1990 Iudice opens courses in South Turin at Nichelino and continues the spread of Sifu Palazzo system; he continues his study of deepening bringing for the first time in Italy Master Chu Chi Ling, son of Grand Master Chu Kao.

At the explicit instruction of his Sifu Vincenzo Palazzo, Iudice is addressed in search of the traditional lineage Tang Fung, a search that will take him to the meeting with Sifu Pedro Cepero Yee of Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association.